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                            “It’s not exactly a choice, y’know.”

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               So… I think I’ve been here for about two weeks now and, wow, the amount
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               here’s a meager shout out to the amazing people who have graced me with
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      Folding his arms across his chest, his hip tilted its weight to one side as he responded to the stranger’s sassy request with a sputter of sass, himself. Of course, his sass came out a lot harsher, and a lot more monochrome; he wasn’t one for humor all too often, and he didn’t often play into it either. “Perhaps if you had asked more politely, I’d be more inclined to humor you,” He added with cool sternness, “but I can’t seem to hear you from way down there; you must be this tall—” A hand straightened out before him, leveling out right under his chin, “—to start making requests.”


                         His teeth would g r i t and eyes would narrow as if expected,
                         fists clenching as he lets out an angry snort—
                         —always with the damn short jokes.

                        “Oi— then maybe I can stand on your back after you keel over
                          from one of my punches to get to that height, eh?!"

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Congrats on hitting puberty, Ed.

It’s so weird seeing these gifs because when you actually watch the show they do it so gradually that you barely even notice (at least I didn’t) but then you look at these and it’s like, whoaa. Even Winry has a completely different face, it’s not just Ed getting taller and more muscular.

Animation, you’re doing it right.

especially when you consider this happens in what, a year?  a year and a half?

This is actually one of the things I love most about FMA. They age so gradually, just like real people. A lot of times in anime and other animation, there’s not really a slow process of growing up; it’s just sort of, “Hey, look, she has curves now, and he’s way taller.”

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happy mund ay

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                Ah - uh - uh! It makes me happy

                   to see visitors here again! A - Are

                   you ready to be filled w - w - with

                   j̶̨̛o͝͏y̶̢͟͜, y - young man? You can get

                   a special treat for coming s - so

                   late at night. 


                       It is not often that he allows fear to cross his features
                       and he even tries his damned best not to let it into his heart.
                       He is the big brother— wise and fearless. He must play
                       his part. But Alphonse is not here on this rather somber
                       night and he is finding it a bit hard not to let paranoia take hold.

                       It is a grotesque and robotic voice which causes him to
                       spin around, metal arm outstretched  in front of him in defense,
                       eyes examining— wait, did that creepy bear just talk to him?
                       No— it must have been a recording of some kind. He cautiously
                       takes a step forward, releasing a breath as he lowers his arm
                       the slightest.

                       “Huh— this isn’t necessarily the kind of thing I’d want bringing
                        smiles to kid’s faces.”

                        He muses aloud, head tilting slightly. 

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resentful-prince's follower appreciation

naru-uzumaki : I’ve been following Nicole for about two years now and I don’t regret it. From my OC to this blog and the next, she’s always made me feel welcome, and her Naruto has always given me such great feels and graced my dash with flawless interactions that often leave me wanting more. I can honestly say, that even though we don’t talk much, I appreciate her a lot. And whenever Naruto and Envy interact, I’m always about to cry because I feel like these two will have such an angsty brother relationship.

fullmetalalchimista : I can’t remember your name for the life of me because I’m trash, but omfg I will forever follow your Ed, because in every verse you have for him, I get so captivated. Like I’ve never seen someone write something so fleshed out, it just leaves me in awe. Like how do you stay so amazing?

kuro-kyuubi: Gavin means the world to me. He also made me ship Envy and Menma, it’s such a fucked up ship but it works so well because they’re so cruel to each other. But he’s just a bundle of joy, I love his writing and his muses, it gives me life. Love you bbu <3

bxmbietta : Dude, can I say how much I love your muse? I rewatched the series but I’m not quite caught up with the manga but I plan to soon when I have time. But everything from your writing and the emotion behind it makes me love her so much. I can tell you put time and love into your muse and it’s a stunning sight to see.

powerlessjealousy : Alright, it’s not often that I actually follow multiples of my muse because I sometimes get really down about my portrayal but it’s not that way when I see you on my dash. I’m actually glad I followed you back because seeing your interactions with everyone gives me a perspective on the side of Envy I haven’t yet explored. But I hope to soon. You get deep into his emotions as if it were easy and I could only dream to achieve that.

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So this was a long time coming being that I’m reviving the blog but I appreciate all of you for sticking with me and following me because it means a lot. I wish you all good things. Thanks so much for making my RP experience fantastic.

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edrord - ;and this is what it feels like to be a volcano.


         ♦    ♦ ┅


Its eyes go  wide  at the feeling of metal scraping metal.
A  choked,  guttural  sound  forces  its way out,  and it’s
roughly    pressing  its  head  against a jawline,    intent
displaying skin.   It just needs   purchase,   something to
ground it as the feelings  .   .   .    start to—
            f                    u                    c                    k          !
—     o       v       e       r       w       h       e       l      m       it.
The   sensation   reminded  the  weapon  much  of   war .
The clash of metal. It craved the feeling again,  and here
it was,  right against  its    gem,    its  very  core.
Its mouth hangs  s   l   a   c   k,  forming wordless replies.
Hands  taking  residency  on  hips,       nails      bite      in
p     o     s     s     e     s     s     i     v     e     l     y.
A moan is muffled as it dips in to claim the second most
important thing of war.
            B                l                 o                 o                d  .
It traces over old marks,  t o o  impatient this time around
to concentrate on   refreshing   them.   N o ,   this time the
demon simply bites   w   h   e   r   e   v   e   r   its mouth is,
s  h  a  m  e  l  e  s  s  sounds slipping out as it punctures
fragile skin  and  f l o o d s   the back of its throat with the
delicious fluid.


                         Edward is enjoying the reactions poured forth from
                         his Master. They are feral and animalistic, and it
                         brings out a desire to ebb those sweet groans out of
                         him in any way possible.

                         His hand continues to work harder, gradually applying
                         more pressure each time around. He would often f l i p
                         his hand over and scrape along the gem using his knuckles,
                         and the bolts that lay there.

                       And the pain that sears through his neck and down his
                       core makes him shiver— it is pain which brings a growing
                       pleasurable feeling in the pit of his stomach. Mouth practically
                       h a n g s open and a faint whine of encouragement spills out
                       as he uses his other hand to grab hold of his arm for support—
                       but he has a faint feeling that this won’t be the only blood lost tonight.

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{/ Eyes blink twice before widening, then his head shook almost frantically. He so badly wished to physically ease him of the spoken lies he believes to a fault, to lovingly caress his back and shoulders, to lightly run a thumb over his temples and tell him the exact opposite. But he doesn’t. Because he’s so deathly terrified of touching him — of touching anyone. He’ll get hurt for doing so, won’t he? }

{/ They’re always  w a t c h i n g, and they’ll take Edward away if he shows his emotions towards the blond male. }

"Y-You misunderstand…! Th-That is not what I m-meant, E-Edward…!" {/ He realized what he said, and, expecting some sort of punishment, he flinched, hues squeezing themselves shut. }


                     Eyes watch him with the utmost curiosity as he outright
                     flinches, tilting his head to the left before falling back into
                     his act. Brows turn upwards lightly and he is silent— before
                     he decides to take a different approach.


                      He whispers lightly— face taking that of a concerned mother.
                      Slowly he inches towards him— cautiously, as if approaching a
                      cornered animal. But he stops midway, allowing distance between them.

                      “You don’t have to be scared here— nothing’s going to hurt you.”

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edrord - ;and this is what it feels like to be a volcano.


         ♦    ♦ ┅


At the  feeling  of the automail against its metallic skin,
it gives almost a    h  i  c  c  u  p    of a sound,   a  spark
somewhere   deep   in it     igniting     a   w h o l e   new
s l e w   of   emotions.
            It      needed      that      hand      on his      gem.
The demon’s  focus   e b b s   out at just the thought of
the  feeling.
It  nuzzles  into the crook of the human’s  offered  neck,
accepting the gift.    Teeth   are       b a r e d,       only to
sheath  themselves.

                      Indeed,  i n d e ed !    I know of
something that would please me more, though,
s o n g b i r d.  You would  l i k e  t h a t,  right?
P l e a s i n g  your  Master  even m o r e?  
One of its hands grab   holt   of the  metal limb  that had
held  its attention  s o.  Sucking  in a shuddering breath,
it  guides  the palm up his  front,  resting  at the gem.

                    ❝  Use   t  h  i  s   one,   y e s ?  


                      “Ah—good i d e a ! Ha—…!

                      He cannot deny that the metallic s c r a p e he earns from
                      dragging that automail around his skin is more than satisfying,
                      it is a pleasing gnaw to his ears.

                      So— he is more than happy to oblige.

                     With a practiced flick of the wrist he spreads metallic fingers
                     over the demon’s gem, adding pressure galore and curling his
                     fingers again. It is almost like his fingers are dancing— skating
                     over the hard surface with grace. Eyes do not cease watching
                     it’s face for the rewarding reactions he was sure to receive,
                     torso rolling f l u i d l y once into it’s own while his fleshed hand
                     takes the place of where the other one was previously— running
                     up and down the length of the other’s thigh.

                    This is sin— sweet  s i n.

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